Road Kill Survey No 1

Sat, August 31st 2013

This survey was carried out in West Yorkshire between the towns of Silsden and Ilkley. The survey covered 11.8 kilometers of road, which included a blend of both A and B class roads, a range of speed limits (including each of a 30, 40, 50 and 60 mile zone). The survey area also covered a mix of terrains and road widths.

The purpose of the study was to document the minimum number of road kills that have occurred within the previous twelve months and to determine if there is a basis for carrying out further surveys.

The data is also used to create a crude estimate of potential minimum number of deaths that occur on British roads every year.



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Warning! the following link contains images of animals killed by traffic. Most of these images are graphic in detail. These images should not be viewed by young people or other persons with a sensitive disposition.

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