Road Kill Survey No 1

Survey Results

The survey observed the corpses of 31 animals.

Of the total count, 26 were counted on A class Roads (sections A, B, C, H, I and J), 3 were counted on B class roads (sections E, F and G) and 2 were counted on 'other' class roads (section D).

In the survey area (covering 10.59 KM) there was a total of 5.43 KM of A road, 3.74 KM of B Road and 1.42 KM of 'Other' road.

Of the total number of kills observed on A class roads, 15 were counted in 60 mile zones (sections B and C), 2 were counted in a 50 mile zone (section H), 9 were counted in a 40 mile zone (section I) and 0 were counted in 30 mile zones (sections A and J) class Roads (sections A, B, C, H, I and J).

The legal speed limits in the survey area were 1.85 KM in 30 mile zones, 1.36 KM in 40 mile zones, 0.20 KM in 50 mile zones and 7.18 KM in 60 mile zones.

The practical speed limits (always equal to or below the legal speed limit) in the survey area were 2.06 KM (sections A and D) in 20 mile zones, 4.46 KM in 30 mile zones, 1.36 in 40 mile zones, 0.20 KM in 50 mile zones and 2.51 mile zones.

All kills observed on B class roads were also in national speed limit zones. Section E is fairly straight and sections F and G are narrow and winding where it is practically impossible to travel above 30 miles per hour.

The 'other' class road (section D) is a dirt track, with hardly any traffic. It is unlikely that a 4x4 vehicle could travel more than 20 miles per hour along this section.

According to government statistics (click here) there are 22,149 miles (35,438 KM) of A class rural roads in the UK. This figure excludes the mileage of A class urban roads but includes both trunk and principle rural roads. There are also 212,000 miles (339,200 KM) of minor roads in the UK (covering both rural and urban roads).

Based on the survey observations spread across the major and minor roads in the UK, there are a minimum of 169,685 animals killed on rural A roads each year (urban A roads were not included within the survey) and 272,085 are killed on total B roads each year in the UK.

The potential minimum number of animals killed on British roads every year is therefore potentially at least 441,760 animals. The survey results excludes urban A roads and tracks.

A road calculation = (((22149/5)*8 (conversion to kilometers) / 5.43 (conversion to number of A zones counted)) * 26 (no of animals killed in A zones times the number of A zones in the UK)
B road calculation = (((212000/5)*8 (conversion to kilometers / 3.74 (conversion to number of B zones counted)) * 3 (no of animals killed in B zones times the number of B zones in the UK)



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