Road Kill Survey No 1

End to end Survey Map

[map] End to end Survey Map showing the route taken.

Section Maps

The following 10 maps are segments of the end to end map. These are segmented in the order that the survey was undertaken (from A to J)

[map] Section A - North Street (Silsden).

[map] Section B - A6034, between North Street and Fishbeck Lane (Silsden).

[map] Section C - A6034, between Fishbeck Lane and Lippersley Lane (Silsden).

[map] Section D - Lippersley Lane(Silsden).

[map] Section E - Brown Bank Lane, between Lippersley Lane and Cocking Lane Section A (Silsden).

[map] Section F - Cocking Lane, East of Small Banks (near Addingham).

[map] Section G - Cocking Lane, West of Small Banks (near Addingham).

[map] Section H - A65 Skipon Road, between Cocking Lane and Ilkley Road (Addingham).

[map] Section I - A65 Skipton Road, between Ilkley Road (Addingham) and Victoria Road (Ilkley).

[map] Section J - A65 Skipton Road, between Victoria Road (Ilkley) and Brook Street (Ilkley).



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