About Us

Stop Road Kill is a charity, in the early stages of its initiation.

The charity aims to stop road kill on UK roads. Through its activities it intends to create a framework that can be utilised internationally to stop road kill globally.

The charity's huge ambition shall be achieved through annual reductions in the number of animals that are killed on UK roads each year. To achieve this ambition, it is critical that the charity is able to accurately measure the current number of animals that are killed. This information will be used to determine how successful the charity is at achieving its objectives.

Stop Road Kill therefore has one primary activities:

  • To effectively deploy solutions to reduce / eliminate the suffering of animals on UK roads as a result of collisions with road traffic

And one secondary objective:

  • To accurately measure road kill

As a result of these objectives, the charity is likely to discover animals in need of medical attention and potentially post trauma care and rehabilitation. To meet this need the Stop Road Kill charity will also work closely with other animal welfare organisations to ensure such care is delivered. The following tertiary objective therefore exists:

  • To ensure injured animals can be appropriately and humanely cared for.

Stop Road Kill needs volunteers to help it achieve its goals. If you are able to help out or want to find out more, please click on our Volunteer link above.



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