441, 760

This is a probable minimum number of animals killed on UK roads each year. This figure is based on our first survey, undertaken on August 31st, 2013.

The conclusions of that survey point to the number of animals that were casually observed in the survey area since the beginning of 2013. These observations highlight that the estimate derived from the Stop Road Kill survey is a minimum and that the actual number of road kills may be significantly higher.

Stop Road Kill knows it is vital to any campaign that activities are based on facts. To ensure the success of the Stop Road Kill charity in achieving its goals (significantly reducing the numer of animal suffering through road kill on UK roads), then it is critical that a more reliable estimate of the number of animals killed on UK roads each year must be understood.

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(Warning! the following link contains images of animals killed by traffic. Most of these images are graphic in detail. These images should not be viewed by young people or other persons with a sensitive disposition.)

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